Music For was born from a reflection on the general lack of attention and planning with regard to the sound system of the spaces, with the aim of identifying new paths and creating sound contexts "for", "according to" spaces / buildings / centers commercial / museums / exhibitions / squares / public places / parks / stations. It will be structured in a training course in 12 meetings to with teachers with various skills, from djing to acoustics to the technical management of sound to sampling skills architectural / urban planning and interactive design, and will be aimed at creating 2 or 3 autonomous teams thatwill produce productions that will intervene in public contexts where sound can become an element of "Furniture" in dialogue with the surrounding environment. The meetings will be held at Spazio Gerra and at the RCF Academy. The presentation of the path to be held at Spazio Gerra on 13 December, as part of the exhibition on Officine Reggiane. It will be a live soundtrack of the exhibition with artists from the Antwork network, in the presence of the teachers who will present the training proposal.