The 2023 edition of Smart Life Festival is dedicated to the theme "Generations". After "Humanism 5.0", the festival intends to reflect on the importance of generativity in the global society in which we live. Generating implies the ability to innovate, to find original solutions to contemporary challenges, using divergent thinking to imagine future scenarios and open up new possibilities. Without generativity, we would limit ourselves to reproducing what is or has already been, without ever questioning the existing problems, trying to reduce or eliminate them.
Smart Life Festival talks about innovation, digital and our life in contemporary society. The 2023 edition, scheduled in Modena from Thursday, September 28 to Sunday, October 1, focuses on the theme "Generations".

Technological evolution is constantly accelerating, with a great ability to condition social and economic processes, communication dynamics, the ways in which man relates to others and the surrounding world, the spirit with which we conceive and conduct our lives.

From culture to different expressive and artistic sectors, from education to the care of the environment, from economics to law, from information to sport, from professions to health, the interaction between man and technology "generates" in the various areas of human action opportunities in constant evolution but also scenarios that require attention and new keys to dialogue between different generations, called to collaborate to build today the future development of society, through the sharing of knowledge, experiences and attitudes.

Smart Life Festival 2023 aims to be an opportunity for information, comparison and deepening of the ongoing transformations, generated by man and technology, through a multidisciplinary approach and dialogue between different languages, close to the life of each. Smart Tech, Smart Design, Smart Music, Smart Art, Smart School, Smart Fashion, Smart Food, Smart Sport, Smart Generations are the focus of the festival, developed through talks, installations, performances, workshops and workshops.  

Smart Tech
Federico Faggin
Fabio Ferrari
Nello Cristianini
Massimiliano Panarari
Thomas Poell
Guido Scorza
Flavia Fratello
Fabrizio Maronta
Antonella Tarpino

Smart Design
Matthew Wizinsky
IED Milano
IED Firenze

Smart Music
Alva Noto 
Damir Ivic
Valerio Mattioli
Simon Reynolds
Fabio De Luca
Corgiat feat Akasha
Smart Art
Carsten Nicolai
SLAM JAM feat Nationhood
Leonardo Caffo
Francesco Jodice
Martin Romeo

Smart School
Modena makes school
MEMO - Multicentro Educativo Modena
Digital Gym Makeitmodena 
Giorgio De Rita
Andrea Rossetti
Antonio M. Persico 
Alice Ara
FEM - Future Education Modena
Future Film Festival
A.P.S. Civibox

Smart Fashion
Marina Spadafora
Matteo Ward