Smart Life Festival is the festival of digital culture. Scheduled in Modena from 29 September to 2 October, its seventh edition is dedicated to the theme Humanism 5.0 to address one of the most significant transformations that characterize the present: the construction of what scholars and analysts call "Society 5.0" or super smart society.
Through talks, conferences, performances, workshops, screenings and many other initiatives, the festival will reflect on how man, today and in perspective, can remain at the center of the processes of digital evolution and technological innovation.

The concept of "Society 5.0" is introduced in 2016 in the study of Japanese government and business Towards the creation of a Society 5.0, the principles of which are already set out in the UNESCO Science Report: Towards 2030 of 2015. The project is born from the awareness that the future of the contemporary world must bring to the center of technological innovation the well-being of societies and people: the development of new technologies in every area of everyday life (from work to the economy, from health to social relations, from transport to local and national administrations) can no longer be governed by the logic of competitiveness and profitability alone, which endanger environmental and social sustainability.

In this perspective, a model of society that combines economic progress and social progress, technical-scientific knowledge and humanistic knowledge, individual interests and collective interests, digital environments and physical environments, local dimension and global dimension integrating new technologies in the concrete life of communities in an inclusive way and bringing human beings back to the centre of attention.

This is why it is possible to speak of a new humanism or humanism 5.0, in which the centrality of man must be understood as part of a complex system of ecological and social balances, and in which digitalization, Artificial intelligence and connectivity are geared towards sustainable well-being.

Smart Life Festival 22 wants to reflect on these perspectives, involving the territory, businesses, institutions, citizens of the province of Modena and putting in dialogue local, national and international experiences.