Giacomo Bruno is a self-taught, Italian photographer. He was born in Reggio Emilia, Italy on 5th January 1991. After finishing his scientific studies in high school, and later dropping university, he decided to dedicate himself to photography, in particular to industrial still life and commercial photography. He so became a professional photographer in 2010. It was clear, though, that his true vocation was traveling, deepening social issues and telling stories. He has traveled in many different countries such as Central and South America, North and South Africa, and Asia with India, Sri Lanka and China. His personal interests focus on Human beings, on their cultures, working traditions and religious vocations. He chooses to shoot posed portrait, yet spontaneous, aiming to enlighten the subject as well as his background and environment, as an equally important element to enhance the character and better tell a story. Upon this, his personal project “Essential lives” was born. A collection of images from his travels, as a consequence of his interest in documenting with his camera of everything in our planet is “Essential” and seem to be close to extinction . Without claiming to tell any unseen or unknown places and inhabitants, he only aims to represent the beauty that lives within those people and places, giving back to his subjects dignity and pride.