From an early age Martina Grasselli has been a passionate lover of travel and design, drawing inspiration from the many strong women in her family to create a highly unique and personal artistic style. Following her studies in Textile Design at NABA in Milan she moved to Paris, where she studied at Duperré Fashion School. Subsequently, she worked for such prestigious names as Christian Louboutin, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Stella McCartney. 

Martina’s design fuses childhood influences with contemporary femininity, effortlessly incorporating masculine forms, conceptual detailing, and the art world’s tongue-in-cheek insouciance. It is precisely this fusion that birthed COLIAC, a jewellery label that bears the name of Martina’s maternal grandmother, the family’s last descendent of French nobility.

Since 2009 the brand has pushed the boundaries of its design practice, venturing into footwear and, as of 2016, clothing and bags.

In 2013, COLIAC launched its most iconic shoes – the Fernanda. These best-selling derby shoes are named after Martina’s mother, and combine masculine design with exquisite, hyper-feminine detailing such as metal and pearl-mounted “laces”.

Martina Grasselli has contacted us to create this experimental capsule in honor of Nike.