The 2019 project of SAC, Spazio Aperto Centro, for European Photography wants to reflect on the main theme of this edition “LEGAMI. INTIMACY', RELATIONS, NEW WORLDS. " The exhibition, inserted in the OFF circuit, will develop within the space by creating a visual and interactive journey on three main "places" where the theme of the bonds - and its subsets - will be developed and perceived in three different languages ​​and approaches.The exhibition will feature some photographs of Giacomo Bruno, a young Reggio Emilia photographer with a vocation for travel, social-anthropological research and the photographic story, who in his exhibition AFRITALS - A Cultural Synergy wants to tell virtuous examples of integration as a starting point for reflection for counter the rampant trend towards intolerance and discrimination. As the word "Afro-Itals" suggests, the exhibition tells the story of some boys and girls who live, work and grow in our society and who with great intellectual skills, sporty and creative, they bring innovation, momentum and growth to our daily lives.